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22DEC '14'UDM' (U-Drive Mobility) Skody yeti disability vehicles - NZTA and LVVTA Position Statement
NZTA and LVVTA have each released a public position statement relating to the situation with UDM modified Skoda Yeti vehicles. Click here to read the combined statement (PDF)

19MAR '14 Auckland Certifier Shortage Memo
The greater Auckland area is currently experiencing a shortage of LVV Certifiers - this provides an explanation of the reason, and the work being done to fix the problem. Click here to read more (PDF)

It has recently come to the attention of LVVTA that there are safety risks associated with some aftermarket tilt steering columns. Read more>>
Click here to see a Youtube clip showing a similar column with excessive freeplay, and here to read the just-released aftermarket steering column Information Sheet.

22 DEC '13New ‘Scratch-built’ and ‘Modified Production’ Definitions
Two new legal definitions have recently been passed into Land Transport legislation relating to scratch-built and modified-production vehicles. Read more>


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