New Zealand Car Construction Manual (Complete)


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The NZ Car Construction Manual is a comprehensive technical manual encompassing the many aspects of vehicle design, modification and construction. Over the years the scope of the manual has expanded to encompass many types of modified vehicles. It is developed by the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association Inc (LVVTA), and is incorporated by reference into the LVV Standards, which are in turn incorporated by reference in the NZ Land Transport Rules.

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From time to time the content of the CCM will be amended or updated to reflect changes in trends, system improvements, or to clarify existing requirements.


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Amendment Records:

The following is a record of all amendments to the CCM.

  • Name Change, released 1 November 2016 (NZ Car Construction Manual)
  • 1st Amendment, released 1 November 2010 (NZ Hobby Car Technical Manual)
  • Original version, released 1 January 2007 (NZ Hobby Car Technical Manual)