The vehicle modification and construction industry is both diverse and complex, and unlike other specialist certification types, there is no formal trade or qualification that develops highly skilled and trained specialists. That means very few people have the background, knowledge and skills to become an LVV Certifier for light motor vehicles, motorcycles or trikes.

To become an LVV Certifier you will need to be technically skilled, vastly experienced, conscientious, independent, reliable, have good people skills, and a high level of integrity.

Your technical skills will provide the base knowledge on how vehicles and their individual systems work, and your vast experience will allow you to identify and assess a large range of vehicles, design and construction techniques, components and modifications.

Being conscientious, independent and reliable will enable you to provide the service expected of an LVV Certifier whilst making good certification decisions, and your integrity will ensure vehicles are inspected and certified to the applicable requirements, and ultimately, certified safe for New Zealand roads.

If you do have the skills, being an LVV Certifier is a challenging, varied and rewarding occupation that will provide you with the opportunity to make a living from your passion, work with some of New Zealand’s best and most innovative modifiers and be involved in some of New Zealand’s best builds. You’ll also have the opportunity to help keep the modified vehicle culture in New Zealand alive and kicking.

Do you have the skills required to be an LVV Certifier?

Do you have a passion for motor vehicles?                                            
Do you have recent and continuous motor industry experience of more than ten years? 
Can you identify a large range of vehicles, components and modifications?
Are you currently, or have you been a member of a motor vehicle enthusiast club?        
Have you built and modified vehicles?
Have you had modifications that you have personally completed, LVV certified?
Do you have good communication skills?
Do you have a desire to learn?
Have you read and understood the ORS (Operating Requirements Schedule)? 
Do you have a good understanding of the LVV Standards and the New Zealand Car Construction Manual?           
Do you have a good understanding of the VIRM thresholds?
Would you pass a ‘fit and proper’ person test? (This checks things like criminal records, driving history etc.)

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all these questions and you would like to look further into applying to become an LVV Certifier, fill in the form below and send it!

Notes: (1) Geographical coverage will be taken into consideration with any application. New certifiers are unlikely to be appointed within areas where there is already sufficient coverage. If you are in an area with sufficient coverage and would like to be considered when changes occur, you can still register your interest with LVVTA by filling in the form below. (2) Note that LVV Certifiers cannot certify modifications they have carried out themselves, or any work that they have a financial interest in.