How Much does LVV Certification cost?

There are many different types of certification, from very basic (adjustable suspension, or an engine swap), right up to full certification of a scratch-built vehicle. Therefore, prices will vary considerably dependant upon the extent of the modifications, and the number of times a certifier needs to re-inspect the vehicle if rectifications are required. For scratch-built vehicles or vehicles that have not been entry complied, there are also other costs outside of the LVV Certification which you should consider.

The fees charged to a customer for LVV certification are derived from the time it takes to carry out the LVV certification inspection(s), fill in the required forms and form-sets, and prepare the associated documentation, which will be in the region of 2.5 hours for the more straight-forward certifications like a seat and seatbelt installation, through to 4.5 hours for a Targa car, plus in every case $250.00 for the certification plate fee (subject to change), and additional consumables including stationary, courier, telephone, and travel expenses. A complex scratch-built vehicle, can, with the many inspections and processes involved, easily take up in the region of 15-20 hours of time.

You can help to minimise the cost of your certification by reducing the number or re-inspections you require. This can be done by ensuring that all modifications meet the relevant technical requirements (LVV Standards, LVV Information Sheets, NZ Car Construction Manual) prior to your certification, and also that all modifications and rectifications have been carried out in a tradesman-like manner.

Remember that your LVV Certifier is carrying out his certifications in a professional capacity, much like an engineer, dentist or doctor, and as such, will charge a fair and reasonable hourly rate, taking into consideration his business costs and overheads, and the liability that each certifier must carry for the life of the vehicle while the certification plate remains.

To obtail an estimate of the certification cost, contact your LVV Certifier.

We’ve broken down somwe of the more common aspects of an LVV Certification below.

Certification of adjustable suspension and swap to larger capacity engine

Inspection Description
Initial inspection, complete all formsets & documents
EGE check (exhaust gas emissions)
Phone and email advice, discussion etc if required
Inspection re-check (x1)
Download photographs and burn to CD
Certification plate application fee, copying, courier etc
Fit certification plate

Certification of scratch-built vehicle

Inspection Description
Chassis inspection, complete formsets & documents
Bump-steer swing-check
Travel costs (chassis inspection at owners address)
Non-destructive testing (NDT) of welds (for example custom suspension arms, custom brake pedal)
Phone and/or email advice etc
Inspection re-checks (x2)
ONT – exhaust noise emissions
EGE – exhaust gas emissions (including 1x re-check)
Final inspection, complete all formsets & documents
Download and sort photographs, burn to CD
Certification plate application fee, copying, courier etc
Fit certification plate
Other fees and charges outside of low volume vehicle certification, for example VIN number allocation, entry compliance, vehicle licencing (registration) and number plates, fender exemption etc.

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